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Individually Designed Programs

Our programs are customized to each patient’s unique needs and circumstances based on our CORE Strategy ™

When struggling with health problems, finding long term solutions can seem challenging and impossible at times. We provide the medical expertise, a methodical approach and all the help along the way to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Each program encompasses the 5 components of The CORE Strategy TM, allowing patients to work towards clear, concise goals that are established at the initial visit. 

Enrolling in a program is the first concrete step in addressing the core issues of an ailment. These programs are designed based on our clinical experience with patients over the past many years which include specialized testing and treatment strategies that have consistently shown successful outcomes. The structured approach allows us to customize the program to every patient’s individual circumstances and needs. Check out some of our success stories! Call us to set up a free consultation for more information specific to your goals.

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Gut Health

Symptoms like heartburn, bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, abdominal pain can be both annoying and debilitating. Whether you have a diagnosis of GERD/IBS/IBD or no definitive diagnosis at all, life can be stressful and frustrating. The digestive system’s primary function is to maintain a steady supply of nutrients for the body while filtering out the unwanted ‘waste’. However, this multitasking system is also the home for 70% of your immune cells, a large number of nerve cells and the microbiome! Therefore, our program focuses on investigating the various interlinked underlying cause(s) and to address them so you can have relief from your symptoms

"Readily recommend Dr. Preeti Kulkarni to anyone. My stomach problem and energy issue have been improving steadily since I first saw her 2 and half months ago. Dr. Kulkarni help to pinpoint the issue and recommended diet changes as well as herbs to take"
- Younsoo R., San Jose. Posted on Yelp.

Weight Optimization

Depending on a person’s starting weight, sex and age, the rate of weight loss can vary and must be monitored in order to avoid adverse effects on overall health. Therefore, our program is based on optimizing a person’s weight rather than just focusing on losing weight! Our program can help patients achieve their weight goals in a healthy manner and do so without having to count calories! It includes much more than diet changes and exercise routines. At the heart of the approach is the principle that a well nourished and well balanced body will not tend towards excessive fat deposition. It provides our patients a long term strategy to stay in a healthy weight zone so that it is both effective and sustainable!

Check out Eric O'Grey's weight loss success story that went viral!
Core Integrative Weight Optimization After Treatment Image

After picture.
Reproduced here with permission from
Eric O'Grey

Core Integrative Weight Optimization Before Treatment Image

Before picture.
Reproduced here with permission from
Eric O'Grey

Women's Health

The endocrine system is an organ system consisting of multiple glands distributed throughout your body, and these various glands maintain a fine balance of hormones in the bloodstream through complex feedback loops. Irregular periods, heavy bleeding, PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue and even low libido can result from an imbalance in this system.Our program ‘connects the dots’ of the various components of the endocrine system itself and it’s intricate connection to other body systems. Specialized testing allows us to help identify and correct imbalances resulting from nutritional deficiencies and/or sub-optimal hormone metabolism. For the patient this leads to resolution of symptoms and balanced menstrual health!

"Dr Kulkarni works magic on women suffering from menopause. I lost the 10lbs I gained from menopause, have more energy, and feel less irritable. She takes the time to get to know you and helps define your issues and symptoms.  She is very thoughtful in her approach.  I couldn't be happier with my results."
- S.P. Los Altos. Posted on Yelp.

Skin Health

Core Programs Skin Health Before Treatment ImageCore Programs Skin Health Before Treatment Image

Before pictures.
Reproduced here with permission from the patient.

Chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and even idiopathic rashes, are often physically debilitating and can also affect a person’s self-confidence.The skin is your largest organ and it has many functions including temperature regulation, maintaining a barrier to external particles/ organisms and preserving the body’s water-electrolyte balance. The health of your skin depends on the functioning of multiple organ systems and  our program aims at investigating and addressing the underlying causative factors to restore health to your skin.

Core Programs Skin Health After Treatment Image

After pictures.
Reproduced here with permission from the patient.